About us

SaFa GmbH is focused on production of different types of bird spikes. All products are manufactured in Budapest, Hungary by DEMA FÁBIÁN Kft., a sister company of SaFa GmbH. Our product range includes 13 models. We continually work on the development and expansion of product range in order to cover the demand of bird spikes for different purposes and usage areas. We sell our products only on domestic market.

SaFa GmbH is responsible for international sales outside of Hungary. Meanwhile we customers in more than 30 countries in Europe and overseas.

Sales in Hungary


Pozsony utca 105

1194 Budapest, Hungary

Tel. 0036 70 5379104

E-Mail: info@madartuske.com

International Sales

SaFa GmbH

Neumann-Reichardt-Str. 27-33

Haus 16

22041 Hamburg, Germany

Phone +49 177 2933448

Email: safa@online.de


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