100% effective, maintenance- free, permanent solution to pest bird infestation
100% effective everywhere they are placed
Complete in stainless steel - your smart & reliable protection against pest birds
One-time solution - no maintenance required
Strongly recommendable for protection of your solar system
High quality at a very attractive price
The best protection against pest birds
Used worldwide, one of the oldest & most reliable bird repellants
Market leading 50 spikes per 50 cm


Welcome to the official site of SaFa GmbH, located in Hamburg, Germany and its sister company DEMA FÁBIÁN Kft., located in Budapest, Hungary. We develop, manufacture and sell different types of bird spikes.

Our bird spikes are environment-friendly products providing the best solution for keeping away pigeons and birds of similar size.

Our products are made of stainless steel or composed of stainless steel and polycarbonate. We don`t use any exotic materials only raw materials compliant with international standard norms. We use stainless steel 1.4310 for wire and 1.4301 for bases, both recognized and used in the automobile and chemical industries. The polycarbonate base is manufactured from one-piece, durable CALIBRE polycarbonate.

We offer 2 types of bird spikes, 13 models in total: PP 01-20, 02-20, 02-40-S, 03-30, 04-40, 04-40-X, 05-50 and PS 02-32, 03-32, 04-32, 05-48, SwS 04-32, GS 05-48. The number refers to the number of spikes and spikes rows on each 50 cm base and the material the base is made of: polycarbonate or stainless steel. All models provide different capabilities and features and have up to 100 spikes per metre giving superior protection. Compare our bird spikes with Bird Spike Comparison Chart.

Our bird spikes can be fitted to all surfaces: metal, plastic, wood, stone, concrete, marble, zinc cement etc.

We manufacture in Hungary and sell everywhere in Europe.

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